medical supplies in bensalem pa

Sickroom Supplies in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Specializing in hospital and sickroom supplies, Street Road Pharmacy in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, has the necessary equipment to care for an individual in the comfort of their home. Our hospital supplies include chair and floor lifts, as well as commodes.

Lift Chairs

Electrically operated, our lift chairs are designed with a seat that rises up and tilts forward making sitting and leaving the chair easily accessible. Below are a few steps on how to use the lift chair properly.

To Sit Upright:

  • Stand in front of the Raised Chair
  • Lean Back against the Seat
  • Activate the Switch to Lower Yourself down

To Stand:

  • Activate the Switch
  • Seat Lifts You to a Standing Position

Floor Lifts

Patient floor lifts, or ceiling lifts, are used to help individuals confined to a wheelchair transfer safely in and out of them. It is used to either stand or slide transfers up using slings and straps for security. They are either manual or battery powered.


Our commodes provide an alternative to individuals who cannot get to a bathroom or who cannot sit on a toilet. It is also used as a showering device for those requiring a seat in the shower stall. It can be rolled in and out of the shower. Shower models are known as shower commodes or rehab shower commodes.

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